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A team is a group of people … A group of people is NOT a team

In my work as a consultant I visit many companies. Sometimes for a day and sometimes for a longer period. What I see more than once is that organizations are still organized as departments. For example an application support department or an IT-Pro department. Surely this is not a problem. But what I do see […]

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A practical guide for dealing with capacikill in TFS

Capacikill? What the … is that? Actually it is a word I made up. To be honest it was a colleague who talked about capacity in a noisy room and I thought I heard him say it. I understood capacikill and the word had a meaning to me right away. As you can obviously see, […]

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Status update: TechDays session cancelled and article published

First of all happy new year to everybody! I did not blog for a while because of some personal circumstances. But now I will try to make some regular posts again. Because of these personal circumstances I cancelled my session “Hidden Gems in TFS” on the Dutch Techdays 2012. I was lined up for a […]

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