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Integrate your on-premise ticket system with Visual Studio Team Services (fka VS Online)

There is a lot going on in the TFS/VSTS world. I hear more and more customers talking about the move to VSTS and I think this is a very good trend. Many scenarios that were showstoppers before are in place on VSTS and some scenarios are coming on short –term. To get a good overview […]

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Bulk destroy Work Items from Team Foundation Server

WARNING: Destroy work items is a irreversible action so use with caution and at your own risk! Lately I am quire busy with all kinds of migration work to Team Foundation Server. This means a lot of testing, modifying and re-testing. Because the target Team Project has quite some modifications and custom work it is […]

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Insert an inline image into a Work Item with the TFS API

On the verge of 2014 I wanted to share a last post with you. At the moment I am working on a migration tool to migrate from another system to TFS 2013. The source system contains a lot of items with a description that contains images. Not as an attachment but as an inline image into […]

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Add permissions with TFSSecurity–The ultimate reference

UPDATE 7/15/2015: Hayder Casey from Microsoft provided me with the details on using the Tagging namespace. You can use this one to set the [Create Tag Definition] security setting. UPDATE 4/25/2016: Microsoft has now updated MSDN to have  decent documentation on MSDN found here Sooner or later, every TFS Administrator will face the challenge to […]

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Keep track of your Team Projects Process Template Version

The company I work for (Delta-N), is a service company. We built software for various customers and we do so by means of projects. It should not surprise you that we maintain all our development projects in Team Foundation Server and, since we use TFS since the first version (TFS 2005), we do have a […]

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Deleting (or destroying) a Global List with the TFS API

One of the most used features in TFS Work Items are Global Lists. We use global lists very frequently because it save a lot of time in maintaining list data amongst different Team Projects. What we also do very often is adding and removing items to and from a global list. This article from Shai […]

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Using WorkItemTrackingCacheRoot in your web.config files

I frequently build custom tooling against the TFS API. Sometimes Windows Applications but most of the time I build Web Applications. When building Web Applications it is no secret that your application runs under the credentials of the application pool. When accessing work items via TFS API from your web application you can get the […]

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TFS API – WorkItemStore is null and throws NullReferenceException

In the last weeks I wrote a migration tool to migrate test cases from Rally to Team Foundation Server. This tool is deployed to a server and runs as a Windows Service. After I made a small update to this tool suddenly my tool stopped working. My log file gave me the following error: Error […]

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